Quilting remains in Betty Davenport’s life

Betty Davenport gets ready for fall with flowers.

Sherry Kughn

Betty Davenport learned to sew and quilt from two women she looked up to -- her mother and her former mother-in-law. Both women, according to Betty, were good teachers who were patient with her. The three of them would gather on a regular basis with other women to quilt.

Betty recalls that for many years her mother had a quilting frame hanging in her living room. She’d pull it up at night when she’d finished.

The women finished the entire quilt, including the batting and the lining. After it was sandwiched together, the quilts provided comfort and warmth for years.

Quilting, said Betty, is a good way for her to relax. She is currently helping her sister, Nina Gilbert of Alexandria, with a quilt. Betty has a small frame in her house that she uses to make quilts for her great-grandchildren. She and her husband, Jim, have four and are expecting their fifth in December. They have 12 grandchildren.

They have five children. Randall Brickhouse lives in Webster’s Chapel, Felicia Reynolds lives in Meridian, Miss., Sabrina Robertson lives in Saks, Julie Davis lives in Columbus, Ga., and Donna Hilliard lives in Carlisle, Pa.

Jim is a professional photographer. She accompanies him on his travels and has learned a lot about photography from him. Several years ago, they were on a photo walk at a cemetery in Selma. Betty snapped a photo of an old tree. It was chosen from the group she and Jim were in to be entered into a contest. It didn’t win in the contest, but that didn’t matter to Betty. She “felt good” about it being chosen from their group. It hangs in the foyer of their home. What she enjoys taking photographs of the most is birds.

Betty was born in Shinbone Valley at the foot of Cheaha. She worked as a heavy mobile equipment repairer at Anniston Army Depot. She was forced to retire after 15 years. Lifting heavy equipment brought on tendonitis in both of her elbows. She was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Her church membership is at West Park Heights in Eulaton, but she attends Eagle Point Baptist Church in Jacksonville. Her parents are the late Kermit Davis of Delta and Tressie Wilson of Eulaton.

Betty often watched her grandmother cook and picked up many of her cooking habits. She’s not the only one who cooks at the Davenport home. She said Jim is a good cook and they share cooking duties.

For an easy meal to prepare, Betty likes to make Quick and Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup.

She also likes to make Ruby’s Banana Bread and Baby Food Carrot Cake.

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