Christy Wilkins is probably the happiest she’s ever been, because she’s the mother of three girls. Annabell is 7, Baylee is 6 and Shelby is 5. They attend school in DeArmanville. After the arrival of Annabell, Christy realized the importance of being available for her daughters, but also realized she needed a job to add to her family’s income.

Her job as a teenager was cleaning school buses for her father, Matt Everett, who is part owner of CST of Jacksonville. His company supplies and maintains buses for the Jacksonville and Anniston school system. Before she knew it, even though she was young, she was adept at cleaning. Becoming a wife and a mother meant more cleaning.

Christy didn’t work for about six years because her daughters needed her full time. Two and a half years ago, she decided to clean houses and named her business Wilkins Cleaning Services.

“With three kids, it was something I became good at very quickly,” she said.

She schedules her cleaning hours around their field trips and school activities.

“That’s so I can give them that stay-at-home mom feeling,” she said. “I can still attend their school functions and bring in some income.”

Christy invites anyone who might be in need of cleaning services to call her at 256-770-5690.

Being a parent, she said “can be very chaotic, but it’s the most joyful experience that my husband and I have had.”

She and her husband, Scott, met through friends. They’ve been married eight years. Scott works as a mechanic and substitute driver for CST of Jacksonville. Christy’s mother, Vicki Everett, lives in Oxford. Her brother, Sam, is a sophomore at Oxford High School. Her sister and brother-in-law, Julie and Brady Miller, and their daughter, Kaylee, live in Fort Bragg, N. C.

Christy and her family moved from Pleasant Valley to Oxford in May to be closer to her family. She likes to relax by reading.

“When I get a moment, I like to read,” she said. “I like to read in the bed at night, but by the time I get there, I’m exhausted.”

Christy likes cooking for her family. Her daughters eat whatever she puts before them. That makes her happy and makes her life easier, she said. She learned to cook by trial and error and used recipes her mother-in-law, Pam Wilkins, gave her after she and Scott married. The rest came and continues to come from the Food Network Channel.

“I cook every day,” she said. “With a family of five, you can’t afford take out.”

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1 lb. ground beef or ground turkey

1 - 32 oz. can tomato sauce

3 cans pinto beans

1-2 packets of chili seasoning

   Brown the ground beef or turkey, then drain and put in a pot and add tomato sauce, pinto beans and chili seasoning. Bring to a boil then let simmer for one hour.


1 pack thinly sliced chicken breast or tenders

2 t. seasoned salt

2 t. pepper

1 t. garlic

Olive oil

   Mix all seasoning together and sprinkle on both side of chicken. Drizzle olive oil in a pan and allow pan to heat up on medium heat. Place chicken in the pan once hot for roughly 3-4 minutes on each side (times will be different depending on how thin the chicken)

“I serve this meal with green beans and brown rice but any vegetables of your choosing will work, Christy said.


1 lb. ground turkey (beef works too)

Your favorite spaghetti or pizza sauce, 32 ozs., or homemade sauce

2 t. garlic

2 t. salt

2 t. pepper

3 T. dried parsley

3 eggs

2 pieces toast (breadcrumbs also work)

2 pks. Hawaiian rolls

1 pk. Mozerella cheese

   In a bowl mix all seasoning, ground turkey, eggs, and crumbles toast. Form into mini meatballs and place on baking pan. Place in the oven at 400 degrees for roughly 20-25 minutes. Heat the sauce of your choosing. Then take Hawaiian rolls slice them open place cheese on them then put in the oven on 400 degrees until cheese is melted. Then assemble rolls with meatball and sauce.



4 fresh large tomatoes pealed

3 T. tomato paste

½ med. Onion (Vidalia, when in season)

4 T. dried parsley

3 cloves garlic

3 t. salt

3 t. pepper

1 - 16 oz. can chicken stock

Olive oil

   In a sauté pan heat olive oil on medium heat. Dice onion and sauté until translucent, add chopped garlic and sauté for about a minute. Dice tomatoes and add them to pan with chicken broth. Bring to a boil and whisk in tomato paste. Add salt, pepper, and parsley and let simmer for 1 hour. Add more or less stock or tomato paste for the consistency you desire.