McDonald’s employee works at two locations

Lisa Evans at work at McDonald’s.

Sherry Kughn

Lisa Evans likes people. That’s one of the reasons she enjoys her job at shift manager at McDonald’s in Piedmont and Jacksonville.

“I love working with the public,” she said. “I really go. I get to meet people. If I stayed at home, I wouldn’t get to. I’ve made a lot of friends.”

Lisa and her husband, Dirk, live in White Plains. She was born in Cedar Bluff, but moved to Lindale, Ga., as a child. She worked in the spinning room at Pepperell Mill near Lindale. After her brother moved to Piedmont, she followed him, but continued to work at Pepperell. She met Dirk when he worked with her brother at Springs. They’ve been married 26 years. When their son, Dak, now deceased, was born, she left Pepperell to stay home with him.

Her son, Drew, 24, lives with his wife, Brittani, in Piedmont. He works at Anniston Army Depot.

Lisa said she started out as a crew person at McDonald’s. She did a number of jobs, including waiting on customers and working the grill. She said she reluctantly agreed to become a shift manager, but is happy now she did so.

Her late parents are Helen and Bill Steele. Her brother, Roger Steele, lies in Spring Garden. Her sister, Donna Hill, lives in Piedmont. Her sister, Martha Clifton, is deceased.

Lisa said she likes to read and play with her “fur babies.” Her cats are Smokey and Oreo. Her dog, Blake, is a rescue.

“Somebody kicked him out of their car head first, when I was closing one night,” she said. “I took him home with us. He’s the best dog I’ve ever had.”

She named him Blake after Blake Shelton. She’d just heard Shelton sing on the radio and the song stuck in her head.

Her mother-in-law, Sherry West Evans, taught her to cook, and Lisa taught Dirk. Dirk helps her out a lot.

“He’s become a real good cook,” she said.

She and Dirk like to prepare Hamburger Tomato Soup, which is good with cornbread, she said, Cherry Yum Yum and Fruit Cobbler.

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1 lg. can tomato juice

2 cans diced tomatoes

2 lb. hamburger meat

1 lg. onion

4-5 lg. potatoes

Cook hamburger and onions. Drain. Add tomato juice and diced tomatoes in a pot. Then add the potatoes, hamburger meat and onions.

Cook everything together on medium heat until potatoes are soft.



1 can cherry pie filling

2 pks. cream cheese

1 cup sugar

2 cups graham crackers, crushed

1 stick butter

2 pks. Dream Whip

1 cup milk

Beat Dream Whip and milk. Add sugar and cream cheese and mix.

Melt butter and mix with graham crackers. In a 9x13 dish, put ½ of graham crackers on bottom, then a layer of cream cheese. Put the cherry pie filling next, then the rest of the cream cheese.

 Put rest of graham crackers on top.


1 cup butter

1 cup milk

1 cup softened self-rising flour

¾ cup sugar

Pinch of salt

1 (29 oz.) can or 2 (16 oz.) can of peaches or any fruit of your choice

Place butter in a large casserole dish in a 350 degree pre-heated oven until melted. Mix flour, milk, sugar and salt until all dry ingredients are moistened.

Pour into the casserole dish with the melted butter. Next pour the can or cans of fruit in the middle of flour mixture.

Do not stir. Bake for 40 minutes or until golden brown.