Kim Snider’s daughter, Anna, was a senior at White Plains High School, when Kim found herself without a job. She’d always worked. Even before she married her husband, Eric, 23 years ago.

After Kim graduated from Cleburne County High School in Heflin, she attended Gadsden State and Jacksonville State University without missing a beat of work. She worked in a Christian book store, did secretarial work, and worked in banking.

She found herself without a job when funding for her last one, working as a research writer for a government contractor, played out. She’d had it for seven years. It was now or never, she thought to do something besides sit behind a desk.

“I wanted to do something more impactful with my life,” she said.

With much prayer and soul searching, she set about making a complete career change. She decided to venture into something she felt God was leading her to do. Something where she could help others. She enrolled at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, where she studied occupational therapy. She received an occupational therapist assistant degree and certification in 2015 and since then has worked at NHC in Golden Springs doing something she wishes she’d done a long time ago.

“My brother-in-law is a quadriplegic, and I’ve seen what therapy has done for him and for anyone who’s had a medical condition that limits their independence,” Kim said. “It’s life changing for them. I really felt like that was the direction I was supposed to go in.”

Kim said her job is more physically and emotionally demanding than she’d imagined.

“But I get to see that I’m making a difference,” she said. “It’s worth it. My body just reminds me that should have done it 20 years ago.”

Anna is a sophomore at JSU, majoring in secondary education. Her primary field of focus is biology, but her mother said she’d love to teach anatomy or health and coach softball someday.

“I’m proud of her for so many reasons,” Kim said. “She’s never given us a day’s trouble. She got saved at a young age and has always had a love for the Lord.”

Kim is active at White Plains Baptist Church, where Eric is pastor. She sings in the choir and is active in different ministries within the church, such as an outreach, women’s ministry and the different children’s ministries.

She likes crafts, scrapbooking or anything creative. She also likes to work outside in her flowers. Her parents, James and Ann Smith, live in Hollis Cross Roads. Her sister and brother-in-law, Angela and Jimmy Wade, live in Alexandria.

“God’s been good to me,” Kim said. I’m thankful to be part of Eric’s wonderful ministry and to have the relationship with my daughter that I do. I’m happy to be his wife and her mom. I feel blessed to be both.”

Kim said when she and Eric married she could cook two things -- Rice-a- Roni and Hamburger Helper.

“I’m not a Paula Deen, but we haven’t gone hungry,” she said.

Her mother, mothers-in-law, as well as a deacon and his wife in her church, have always answered her questions about cooking.

“With my daughter off in college, I’ll come home sometimes and Eric will have already eaten,” Kim said. “We’re not traditional at all. This is not quite how I grew up.”

Kim said she puts together meals several times a week so she, Eric, and Anna can sit down together and discuss the day’s events.

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8 ounces cream cheese

4 eggs

1 package of yellow cake mix

1 stick of butter

1 box of powdered sugar

Mix butter, 1 egg, and cake mix. This will be thick. Press into oblong baking dish. Mix cream cheese and 3 eggs, then add sugar. Mix with electric mixer until smooth. Pour over mix in baking dish. Bake for one hour at 325 degrees or until light brown.


1 cup softened butter

1 16-oz package of confectioner’s sugar

1 small jar of peanut butter

1 block of paraffin wax

1 12-oz. package of semisweet chocolate

Combine butter, sugar, and peanut butter in a medium sized bowl. Blend until smooth. Roll into one-inch balls then chill. Place paraffin and chocolate chips in a boiler and melt over hot water. Coat balls by dropping them into chocolate one at a time. Place on wax paper to cool.


2 cans shoe peg corn, undrained

1 block cream cheese, softened

1 roll Ritz crackers

1 stick of butter

   Pour corn into casserole dish and add cream cheese. Mix well. Crush crackers and pour on top.  

Scatter sliced butter on top and bake at 350 degrees until crackers brown.


3 cans shoe peg corn

1 can black beans

1 can pintos

2 cans Rotel tomatoes

1 can diced tomatoes

1 lg. chopped onion

2 lbs. ground beef, browned

2 pkg. taco seasoning

1 cup water

Mix all ingredients in large crockpot and heat thoroughly. Serve with sour cream and grated cheese. Also good with corn chips and/or cornbread.