Matt Snapp has a bachelor’s in criminal justice from Jacksonville State University. He’s not saying he won’t ever use it, but he’s happy with what he’s doing now as manager at the AT&T store in Gadsden. In fact, he worked for AT&T while he attended JSU.

By the time Snapp entered the fourth grade, he’d spent two tours in Germany with his family. His father was in the Army and was stationed on a military base near Frankfort when Snapp was born. When Snapp was 2, his father was transferred to Fort McClellan.

The family went back to Germany and, by the time Snapp entered fourth grade, they had returned to the states and were living in Seale, in Russell County, while his father was stationed at Fort Benning, Ga. His parents, Michael and Sharon, still live in Seale. His sister, Jacyntha Perkinson, lives in Chelsea.

Snapp met his wife, the former Elizabeth Davis, at a fraternity gathering at JSU. The first time he saw her she was talking to a group of friends. When his friends decided to go home he stayed behind to begin his life’s journey with Elizabeth. He and Elizabeth were married in 2009. They now have two children.

“I couldn’t ask for better kids or a better wife,” Snapp said. “We do a lot of family stuff together. Our favorite thing to do is go to Disney, but since we can’t get there often, we go to the zoo, park, McWane Center and Imagination Place.”

He enjoys playing baseball, but doesn’t have much time to play often. He also enjoys playing golf from time to time. He’s a member Eagle Pointe Baptist Church and enjoys helping however he can at the church.