Last week, the entire elementary school at Pleasant Valley attended a special pep rally. The C team of the Pleasant Valley Recreational Sports football team was honored for winning the Appalachian Football League championship. This past season, the team played on Saturdays from Sept. 3-Nov. 12. Thirteen teams are in the league.

Coach Whitney Woodard said three local businesses bought championship rings for the entire team and the coaches because of the perfect season and the win.

“I went to Pleasant Valley schools and played ball there,” said Woodard. “This was special for us. Hopefully these kids can stay together and do some great things in the future.”

Woodard said he appreciated all of the support the team received this past season from the parents and other supporters. “Pleasant Valley is a great community,” he said.

Crystal Sparks, school principal, said the win was an honor.

“As an administrator, it is an honor to celebrate the hard work these young boys have put it,” she said. “We support our students one hundred percent on and off the field.”

The team players are as follows: Hudson Sparks, Hunter Measles, Logan Williams, Jayden Ball, Jake Barnwell, Carter Maye, Jack Maye, Jeffrey Hughes, Lane Walker, Braxton Salster, Colton Hancock, Lane Scott, Bryant McSheridan, Cody George, Tanner Brazier, Jameson Humphrey, Nicolas Acker, Jackson Acker, LJ Wilkes, Walker Roper, Jackson Huey, Colton Woodard, Phoenix Tuiolosega, Daniel Clark, Daniel Bowen, Bryston Shew and Aiden Bonds.

Head Coach is Whitney Woodard. Assistant coaches are Ashley Rope, Tim Salster, Jeremy George, Greg Hue, Dustin Walker, and Ward Acker.