Brad Hood is a teacher and a coach. And, though he enjoys it immensely, it’s not the only thing he can do. Hood can also build houses. He has his homebuilders license and builds at least one home a year.

Hood said he’s thankful to his father, Robert Hood of Clanton, who taught him carpentry when he was young. Hood said it’s a good feeling to know that he can do something with his hands. He built houses for two years before he entered Jacksonville State University where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Hood also does all kinds of renovations on houses, including remodeling decks. He doesn’t have to worry about help. He knows exactly where to find it. As track and cross country coach at Pleasant Valley High School, he has plenty of athletes who want to make extra money during the summer.

“I’ve got a good group of kids that work hard,” said Hood. “They set high goals for themselves. They’re very dedicated which is good for them.”

One of Hood’s former athletes won three state titles in two years. That athlete is now running for Jacksonville State University as a freshman. This year, he had an eighth grade girl win the title 2A in high jump.

“I had one text me the other day and ask me how to be a champion,” said Hood. “They’re all thinking about being champions, and that’s good.”

Hood also teaches fifth and sixth grade math at Pleasant Valley Elementary.

“I’ve had opportunities to go into administration, but I like being in a classroom,” said Hood. “I don’t want to leave it right now. I like the contact with the kids.”

Hood graduated from Ohatchee High School in 1996. He attends Hillcrest Baptist Church and worked with fifth and sixth grade boys at a church camp recently.

He and his wife, Tara, have three children. Hood said Tara introduced him to running.

“I’m involved in running a good bit,” he said. “I like staying involved in that. My wife and kids enjoy it, and I coach it, so it’s an easy fit for us. It’s something we all like to do. Even when we go on vacation we look for an event to go to.”

Hood is especially looking forward to coaching this year, because one of his runners will be his daughter, Emma, who will be in seventh grade.

“I’ve raced mountain bikes for the past three years,” said Hood. “But I haven’t raced much this year. I’ve tried to dial it back and focus on family more. As far as being competitive I enjoyed that part of it. There’s too much going on.”

The Hoods are Alabama fans.

“We get together every weekend and go to different houses of friends or relatives to watch the games,” he said. “We take turns hosting the games. We used to go to the games, but now that we have kids, it’s more fun to go to each other’s houses and watch them.”

The Hoods recently had to make room at their home for a ski boat.

Hood said that though he and Tara will enjoy it, they were thinking more about their children and their children’s friends enjoyment.

“They like to swim, play on the inner tube, knee board and stuff like that,” said Hood. “If we can’t do something together as a family, we pretty much don’t do it.”

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