JACKSONVILLE — The Jacksonville City Board of Education on Thursday got a first look at an architect's drawings for the new Kitty Stone Elementary School.

Walter McKee, owner of McKee and Associates Architects and Interior Design, laid out several copies of large drawings and told members he was just getting started. McKee said he would like to finish designing the school building by the end of July and wanted the board members to be in on the process.

“I really want your input on the development of the property,” McKee told board members at their work session.

McKee’s drawings let board members see two perspectives of the school building. One showed how the building would fit on the 30 acres of land where it’s to be built, while the other offered an up-close look at how the structure would be laid out.

“It’s good to see it on paper,” said board President Mike Poe. “It sort of confirms that we’re going to be able to use most of the space.”

The city gave the board acreage adjacent to Jacksonville High School near George Douthit Drive to build the school. The first drawing McKee presented shows that, according to current plans, the elementary school would be built on the south side of the lot and that it would face James Hopkins Road.

McKee also said the building will be planned so that school officials can later build an attached middle school facing George Douthit Drive.

The second drawing presented at the meeting showed that the building would comprise two long corridors of unequal length built parallel to James Hopkins Road. Those corridors would be connected by a third running perpendicular to the road and appearing to divide the horizontal corridors in two.

The building includes plans for a cafeteria, a media center and a gym with an attached music room. It also shows that each grade would have its own hall and that there would be a wing for sixth-grade students.

The plans also showed a paved walking track on the perimeter of the property and connecting to the Chief Ladiga Trail. Another walking track would encircle a large playground.

Superintendent Jon Paul Campbell said the system has already sought input from teachers and that McKee received a copy of teachers’ recommendations on Thursday. He said some of their recommendations will likely be folded into the design as it is customized through the design phase.

“This was a great beginning, I think,” Campbell said.




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