The loss of his father, Rep. Lea Fite in 2012, dealt a huge blow to Trae Fite. He’s feeling closer to his father recently though by following in his footsteps career wise.

The younger Fite left his job in the health care business and is now working at Food Outlet of Jacksonville, one of the stores his father started. Food Outlet, located at 618 Pelham Rd. S., is no longer Cash Saver. It has gone back to its original name of Food Outlet.

“Mike Sanders, my dad’s business partner since 1985, was getting ready to retire, and he wanted to see the business continue,” said Fite. “My family and I also wanted to see the business continue. So, we got together and made a deal to carry it forward. We wanted to grow our business in Jacksonville, with our primary goal being customer service. We started out as a Food Outlet, and we want to continue as a Food Outlet and get better each and every day.”

Food Outlet is owned by Discount Foods Inc., of which Fite is president. His partners are David Wright, Jeff Davis and Myra McClellan.

The store is open seven days a week, from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. It has 30 employees.

“We have the freshest produce,” said Fite. “And we have about the lowest price in meats in town, and we can custom cut meats to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Fite is the fourth generation to be in the grocery business. The first three months of his life were spent at Food Outlet on Alabama 202 where his father and his grandfather, Leamon Fite, worked. In high school, Fite earned spending money by working at one of the family’s stores in Hartselle. He said he’s glad he’s had exposure to the grocery business because it makes him appreciate the hard work of his father, grandfather, and his great-grandfather, Howard Fite.

Fite is the son of Alecia Young of Cullman. He has a daughter, Ella Grace, 7.

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