She turns “worn” into “wonderful”, “discarded” into” delightful” and “forgotten” into fascinating”.

To see just what an extremely creative artist can do with everyday objects, come to Peerless Grille this weekend as Anniston celebrates its downtown; meet the artist, Julie Baxter and celebrate her gift: seeing aesthetic uses for objects that others would never imagine.

On the 4th Fridays in Anniston, music, food and just walking the sidewalks and seeing people are the entertainment. But upstairs in the Peerless Grille, the Baxter exhibit of rustic and classic art brings people together in one place for one purpose: to muse over the inspiration the artist shares with her combinations of old frames and farm tool images hanging on the brick walls of the floor.

Her theme is “Bumps to Peace” and it is part of her philosophy. “The realization that bumps and bruises along life’s way make us who we are,” Baxter explains. “They can finally lead to peace if we just keep trying, keep dreaming. Look for beauty in both the attractive and the mundane.”

There are 21 assemblages; Some have rough textures, others are smooth. A coastal scene, for instance, an oil, was done on old rusted steel and seems Impressionist in style. Then, “Tools of Our Fathers” speaks of a farm setting but it’s much more than that. “By Hammer and Hand Do All Things Stand” is in this series and salutes the hands of early Americans that built our country. Some of her large works hang from old metal and iron hinges from farms.

Baxter is originally from Osmond, Nebraska. She grew up on a farm there where scraps were never thrown away: a use for them was always found for making clothes or quilts. She still re-purposes objects. It’s become second nature, and her crafting makes for an interesting display.

Her display will be up at Peerless through August, but everyone will especially enjoy going to it this weekend for the wine tasting on that floor, an invitation restaurant owner Kristy Farmer extends to all. Fifteen per cent of the proceeds from the event will go to charities.

Time to buy CAST tickets

The campaign is on to sell season’s tickets to CAST for the theater’s next lineup, and it’s a sure bet that many Jacksonville actors and production workers will be involved.

General admission for adults season’s tickets is $90 each, and for students, $45 each. For September 18-28 (includes two weekends) the theater offers Monty Python’s “Spamalo” which tells the legendary tale of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. But, diverting a bit from the traditional story, the musical features such curiosities as a line of dancing girls, a pompous Frenchman, and killer rabbits. Outside there is a plague with a 50 per cent chance of pestilence and famine. For the holiday play, “A Christmas Carol” is presented December 4-14, Ebenezer Scrooge is forced to face his selfish ways when three ghosts on Christmas Eve lead him through his Past, Present, and Future.

For February 12-22, 2015, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” is about four London children who are sent to a professor’s country home for safety during World War II. They find a magic wardrobe that leads to a mystical land called Narnia. The evil White Witch rules over it. The final production on the ticket is “Oklahoma!” a musical that is a landmark for Broadway popularity during Broadway’s Golden Age. It is set in a Western Indian territory just after the turn of the century with a romance between Curly, a handsome cowboy, and Laurey, a winsome farm girl. There is their story towards making a life together, and the rivalry between the farmers and cowboys, and long-remembered songs in musical theater. It is a triumphant story and CAST will bring much talent and scenic design to the stage.

Also, the Randy Awards Night will be July 17 this year. The evening will begin at 6 p.m. in CAST’s offices in the old Water Works building on West Eleventh Street. Then, the awards and dinner will be at Classic on Noble beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 each.

The CAST website is or call the office at 256 820-2278 for complete information.