Sherry Blanton is making plans for the 8th Annual Take Pride Day in Jacksonville, and she wants everyone to participate. She said she believes that city pride should start in one’s own neighborhood.

Erica Jones has owned her own business for going on four years. She’s 24 and is happy she made the decision to purchase Heavenly Hair Designs, located at 111 East Alabama St., from the former owner. Everything is going well, she said. She has her regular customers as well as many who are first-time customers.

I went shopping at a thrift store last week and found a gem, a book by Robert Morgan, This Rock. Finding it reminded me of the enjoyment I had in reading another of his books, The Truest Pleasure. As with it, The Rock pulled me into Morgan’s world in the first chapter. I am reading it slowly in order to make it last and will try to limit myself to one chapter a day. Doing so takes discipline.

Morgan writes about my world, that of Appalachia. It is the world of many of the readers of this column. Most, if not all, of Morgan’s novels are about our people and their raw, conflicted lives.