Amy Angel has worked in real estate for over 20 years. She now has her own mega team office at 11 Public Square in Jacksonville. The Amy Angel Team, which includes four women, is associated with Keller Williams Realty Group.

The only thing bigger than Orbie Cook was his love for Jacksonville High School. That and his heart.

Both of the jobs Dodie Hill have held will have an important place in her heart long after she retires. Not that retirement is coming anytime soon. She’s enjoying what she does to even consider it.

As I have suggested to you, we are looking at one momentous 2018 election year, and it has begun. Get this folks, we have an open governor’s race. We have openings at Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Agriculture Commissioner, three seats on the Supreme Court including the Chief Justice position, all 35 state Senate seats, all 105 House seats, one hotly contested congressional seat, as well as 67 sheriffs.  Folks, that’s the most political marquee year in my long political life.  If media outlets do not make money next year, they ain’t ever gonna make any money. 

Jacksonville State University celebrated Arbor Day 2017 at Meehan Hall.