Thompson said it himself. “I’m ready for my Super T eye.”

Oxford softball coach Wendy McKibbin didn’t do the Pleasant Valley Raiders any favors when she set up the schedule for Oxford’s Spring Sting tournament. The Raiders opened the tournament Friday against undefeated Spain Park, the No. 1 team in Class 7A in the first Alabama Sports Writers Association rankings for the season released late last week.

When one decides to retire, that usually means he’s looking forward to years of relaxation and, perhaps, some traveling. Not Marita Watson. Marita retired to start her second family. She met a man in her Sunday school class at First United Methodist Church, who encouraged the adoption process.

We are on the cusp of one of the best political years in modern political history in the Heart of Dixie. Prior to the 1970’s our constitution disallowed succession of office for our state constitutional offices. In other words, you could not run for two consecutive four year terms. That is why George Wallace ran his wife in his place in 1966. George and Lurleen campaigned side-by-side. George would wink at the crowds still drawn to courthouse squares by a country band and say, “I’m going to be her number one advisor.” By the way, she won in a landslide. She beat eight male opponents without a runoff, including two former governors, an agriculture commissioner, the sitting state attorney general and two powerful state senators.

Jacksonville High School celebrated Black History Month with their annual program. This year's event focused on the history and impact of African American music and dance throughout the years.