“Deathgasm” is “Spinal Tap” for the death metal set … emphasis on the “death.” There were more decapitations in this movie than “F” bombs in “Scarface.”

It was pure stupid, silly, bloody fun that mocked two of the most easily mock-able genres – death metal and horror – with result that would make fans of both throw up the devil horns.

As a huge metal head myself, I was tempted to drop a whole bunch of references to prove my street cred, but since it’s Sunday and I’ve got a nap calling my name let me say:

While it might sound contradictory to call “Deathgasm” a “smart” horror movie, given that heavy metal isn’t exactly known for counting Mensa members among those chugging Buds in the Heavy Metal Parking Lot, that’s exactly what it is, because it takes smarts to come across as being this dumb.

Think Shaun of the Dead or Dale and Tucker vs. Evil, only with tuned-down guitars, demon conjuring, corpse makeup and possibly the sweetest/bloodiest romance in the history of horror cinema.

“Deathgasm” is basically about a group of losers who form a band, thus creating the greatest band name in history. (For the record, my metal band name, had I ever actually learned to play an instrument, was going to be either 3 on a Meat Hook or Scrotal Anomaly.) The band stumbles across some ancient lyrics and turn them into a song. But rather than landing them on the cover of Rolling Stone, the song summons a demon and turns anyone who hears it into a zombie.

Thus all the decapitations … oh … and blood vomit. There’s lots of blood vomit (another cool band name). It’s like there was a sale at Sam’s on buckets of blood and the directors figured, “Use it or lose it.”

Let’s hope they saved some. Deathgasm Part 2: Goremageddon is planned for next year. Death to all but METAL!!!

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