Mommy told me not to play with the new game I got in the market. She says I’m not supposed to talk to my sister this way, that she was gone. I didn’t believe her. She’s my sister, so why can’t I talk to her? It’s not fair.

I walk into my mother’s room, taking the key off her desk, quietly slipping in and slipping out. Walking ever so lightly on the wooden floors, I make my way over to the large dresser where my toy is locked. Click. Creak. Click. I walk away quickly, hide the board under my shirt, get a cup of water in case someone catches me, and I put the key back in its place.

Maisy would be so proud of me. She was the master at sneaking around, stealing things no one would notice. Soon, I’ll tell her all about it. I’ll tell her how Mom doesn’t want us talking, but it’s OK, Mommy’s just trying to look out for me. Trying to watch after me better than she watched Maisy.

I try to contact my sister, but she won’t answer. “Come on, Maisy,” I plead. I grow increasingly tired, sad, and frustrated. “If you don’t answer me right now I’ll never try again,” I angrily whisper. Right then, the planchette moves slowly to the letter “B”. Why the letter “B”? The dial inches its way to “R.” B-R… Brown? Break? Brother! “Brother?” I ask nervously. It stops, it seems as though everything has halted. Time and my heart feel like it. Slowly, the wooden piece slides up to the word “yes.”  

I check my clock. The time is 3 a.m. The dial moves, over to one letter and on to the next, until my sister has spelled, “I come back now,” “close door,” “lock,” “light candle.”

I’m so nervous. What if Maisy is mad at me when she comes back? What will she look like? None of those things matter, I reason with myself. She’ll be back and we will be happy and have a lot of fun together. Just like old times.

I do exactly as I’m told, close and lock the door, and light a candle I got from the kitchen. Mom must have heard me because now she’s knocking on my door asking what I’m doing. “It’s OK; I’m just bringing Sissy back.” Mom is trying to break the door down, even getting Dad’s help. I know I have enough time, so I ask Maisy to come back. She tells me to look in my mirror with the planchette. I do, and immediately I’m arched backwards. I see Maisy coming towards me with an evil smile. She’s becoming me, and it hurts. My eyes grow heavy and close as the door to my room is busted open.

Mom and Dad ask if I’m all right. “Oh, I’m fine, but will you be?” I ask with a voice like Maisy’s and a hideous grin creeping across my face.