One dark night, four kids whose names were Jake, Nathan, Alexsus and Hailey were trapped in school. They had stayed late to finish their Science Fair projects. They started to walk around the lunchroom. They needed a place to stay the night. Nathan said, “Let’s go to the gym.” Alexsus suggested, “Why don’t we go to a classroom?” But then Nathan and Alexsus started arguing. So Jake said, “Nathan and I will go to the gym and Alexsus and Hailey can go to a classroom.”

Moments later, Alexsus and Hailey came running to the gym screaming their heads off. That woke up Jake and Nathan. So they asked the girls what was wrong. There was no time to explain because a giant zombie squid burst through the gym wall.

They started to run, but Hailey tripped and the squid ate her. They kept running in search of a hiding place, but it was too late; the squid ate Nathan.

Alexsus and Jake were running and they went into a closet. They started to make a plan. Moments later they had their plan finished. They were going to trap it. It started to run toward them. Then there was a SNAP! They had caught the squid. When suddenly it took its tentacles and ate Alexsus.

Then Jake saw an open window and climbed through it. The trap opened up and then the squid ran into a nearby lake. Jake had run into the woods. To this day forward, Jake lives in the woods waiting for the squid to come back.