It was a dark and scary night and I was getting ready for bed when I heard a noise. I didn’t think anything of it until I kept hearing the strange noise. It was as if it were getting closer and closer. It was really beginning to freak me out! I took a deep breath and hid.

When the noise stopped, I came out and ran to the phone. The power was out. I screamed! I heard someone laughing and realized someone was stalking me. I ran out of the house straight to the police station and told them everything. They said I was imagining it all. I said, “OK,” and went back home.

The phone was working again, so I called my friend and told her that I was coming over. She said she was scared and felt that she was being stalked. I said I was, too. “I think it’s a clown.” “So do you want to talk about it?” I asked. She said, “Yes!” So I went, and as I was running out I found a note. It said, “I am coming for you and your friend.”

I ran and ran until I got there and I let her read the note. She asked, “How do you know it means us?” I showed her our names on the back of the note. She screamed! I did too! She held me close. The phones were off again. We hid in the closet until … dudududuuu … something came in the closet.

It was a clown, but the clown was nice. “So this is a joke?” I asked. He said, “Yes” We all laughed, and my friend and I offered a tea party. The clown is very funny.