A video showing Anniston City Councilman Ben Little screaming at a fellow councilman and her husband has been shared more than 100 times on Facebook.

The video excerpt, which was initially posted by Clay Gresham who owns a private media company, is apparently of a recent work session and begins with Councilwoman Millie Harris acknowledging that she believes Little may owe the city money for overspending his travel budget.

Little asks her if she's the keeper of records and then screams at her to "Answer the question!"

When Harris' husband intervenes in defense of his wife, Little stands up and challenges him to "Come on! What you wanna do?!" and then tells him "You can get your wife and take her home with you!"

As Harris' husband is escorted out of the room, Police Chief Shane Denham can be seen standing up behind Little to make sure the confrontation didn't turn physical.

After sitting back down, Little defends his travel expenditures but essentially tells Harris that it's none of her business. But that view fails to acknowledge that it's every elected official's duty to ensure fiscal responsibility when it comes to the public's finances.

City records show that Little has exceeded his travel expenses on several occasions.

Be sure to check out Sunday's edition of The Anniston Star for an in-depth examination of the entire Anniston council's travel expenses.

Most of the comments on the video expressed shock at the behavior of a sitting councilman toward a female colleague.

"Wow! This is utterly ridiculous. I am speechless. He is threatening and bullying his peer, not to mention the only female at the table."

"Trying to justify stealing from the city and disrespecting another member of the council and we wonder why Anniston can't move forward!"

"He is so scary and threatening...NO ONE should have to put up with him!"

The video raises the question: Is this kind of representation needed in the city of Anniston? It's a question for the residents of Ward 3.