With many elections scheduled for 2020, the thing that bothers me the most about politics at every level is that the majority of those who seek political offices do it for selfish reasons. Holding a public office is only supposed to be about doing a civic duty to the town, city, county, state and country you claim you want to serve. 

You are only supposed to be in office to represent and serve the citizens, not them serving you. Holding office is not about you, but about them and what you can do to serve your constituency as a whole, not just sections of it, all of it.

Too often the average candidate has an over-sized ego and wants the office whether or not they bring any skills to the office. Forget being willing to learn any skills to help the office so they can better serve their constituents.

Sadly, many are there to do nothing more than draw a paycheck and contribute nothing in return other than to vote yes or no on the ideas of others, no ideas of their own, no monetary donations to their communities and certainly no physical labor spent in their communities. 

What’s even worse are those who use their office as a platform to build themselves their own little empires for life, using their office to make other connections that only benefit themselves, not the people. You are the reason politics has a bad name and causes good qualified people to shy away from running for public offices.

Right and wrong is a simple concept. If you are a shallow thinker who finds themselves holding a public office because you knew enough people to win a popularity contest, then remember: When in doubt, always do what’s right. (See the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ for further instructions.)

For you people who have the skill sets or capability and willingness to learn, you are more to blame than anyone else for government being in the poor condition it is today. You complain and whine about the lack of government you get, but you will not run for any office because politics is “dirty” and too much of it is.

You left it for evil, self-centered, ego-maniacs to govern and wonder what went wrong. By not participating, you went wrong. If most of you paid as much attention to your government, who’s running it and what are they really doing or not doing, as you do to hunting, fishing, college football, NASCAR, etc., the only thing better than your local, state and federal government would be Heaven.

But you don’t and you won’t, so you will keep getting more of what you have been getting with only yourselves to blame.

Billy Price