Regarding de-annexation, as proponents race to build up treasures on earth, others are, hopefully, checking their moral compasses. Increasing home values can be very tempting, but is it the right thing to do when others may be hurt in the process?

Do I just tell friends in other wards that I apologize for leaving them behind to languish alone with possible negative consequences that may arise? Do I just say the hell with the retirement pensions of our first responders — maybe they will be taken care of? Do I cast aside concerns for downtown businesses and long-fought-for popular downtown events during this shafting process?

Sure, Glen Ray is behind de-annexation. I am sure he would love to turn over the keys to Anniston to his allies. Is that in this city’s best interest? Isn’t this exactly what those who sow division and disharmony would welcome?

Since only a handful of people have decided to take on representation of the masses without their consent, I am wondering what the unheard are thinking. And I am talking about black as well as white residents here. Where are you? What are you thinking? Isn’t it time for conversations? And what are your thoughts on the moral implications of this proposal? 

SPEAK UP, please!!!

Joanne Pope