LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why do evangelicals grow mute when Trump deserves censure?


Re: December 20, Anthony Cook’s editorial on Christianity Today

I voted twice for Barack Obama. However, his advocacy and approval of same-sex marriage incensed me. It’s heresy, unvarnished. Scripture compels me to continue to denounce Obama’s treachery. Yet, Obama claims he’s a Christian believer.

Thus, it’s bewildering — evangelicals praise Trump for protecting Christian liberty, appointing conservative judges, and supporting Israel — grow mute when Trump deserves censure. For example, Trump gloried and gloated that he forced kisses on women and grabbed their genitalia. Franklin Graham excused it, we voted for a president not a pastor. Jeff Sessions blathered inanities, and Ben Carson rationalized it as locker room talk. Really? Forcing kisses and grabbing genitalia is now considered talk?

John the Baptist rebuked King Herod’s incestuous adultery, Elijah refuted King Ahab’s assertion that the prophet troubled Israel, and punctuated it — the King disobeyed the Lord’s commands and worshipped the devil.

Trump stormed into Huntsville and defamed NFL players as sons of b———, and said they should be fired. What evangelical stood flat-footed and rebuked Trump?

Woe to those that call evil good — that substitute darkness for light, and light for darkness.

Marc D. Greenwood

Camp Hill