LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where is Calhoun County’s celebration of MLK Day?


I was wondering if some county commissioners and a few local representatives feel like it would be considerably important to honor and celebrate publicly the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It seems that great emphasis is placed on Robert E. Lee’s birthday here with numerous large newspaper ads and a birthday celebration for the public. There is not as much of a grand celebration for such a wonderful man as Dr. King.

Martin Luther King Jr. sought the protection of human rights for African Americans, the economically disadvantaged and all victims of injustice. And he promoted all of these basic human rights through peaceful protests. He was the driving force behind the Civil Rights Act and The Voting Rights Act.

In fact, while General Lee was celebrated for leading the Confederate Army, he was not very good to his slaves. His slaves were treated quite horribly by him.

According to History.com editors (12/10/2019):

As a result of his wife’s inheritance, Lee became owner of hundreds of slaves. While historical accounts vary, Lee’s treatment of the slaves was described as being so combative and harsh that it led to slave revolts.

Where are Dr. King’s large ads in the newspaper and his celebration birthday party for the public, Calhoun County (some commissioners), leaders and some local representatives?

Sometimes a word doesn’t have to be spoken to send a message. I want my African American brothers and sisters in this county to know a message of brotherly love. Next year, could we possibly drive a new focus that brings us together on MLK Day. One that doesn’t separate based on two silent, yet very strong messages. Think of coming together, and not bringing us further apart – based on the past.

Teresa Johnson