LETTER TO THE EDITOR: When dissension is demonized


I am angry! I am sick and tired of the vitriolic lies spewed daily by Republican senators and congressmen, evangelists, Fox News, conspiracy-theorists, and the POTUS and all his men. Pardon me if I’ve left anyone out. 

Rep. Doug Collins, of Georgia, however, has taken the daily slime to a new level. His assertion that “Democrats are mourning the death” of an Iranian murderer simply because we questioned the necessity of the action must not be allowed. A few of his colleagues rebuked him, but from most, the all too familiar “crickets.”

The philosophy of liberalism, the motivation of our founding fathers, was and remains the underpinning of our republic. Sadly, it has been demonized, by equating “liberal” with “evil.” The resulting transformation is a country where dissenters — along with those who look different, love differently and worship differently — are deemed dangerous and deserve no standing. Such countries don’t last and no one, not one, is spared the anguish when the end arrives.

My love for country is why I dissent. Not long ago I expected that my granddaughters’ futures were unlimited, that they could be anything they strove to be. That prospect fades dramatically with every day that the demeaning and demonizing of those who dissent is accepted and normalized by good people who allow it to continue. In turn, all our granddaughters will suffer.

This vitriol, apart from any one person or office holder, is itself a cancer that is metastasizing into our society. We simply must stop it before it is too late. We can start by looking in the mirror and respecting each other, and then by contacting our congressman and demanding that he take a stand for truth, civility and acceptance of differing opinions. Sounds far-fetched, but it shouldn’t be too much to ask, should it?

Clifford Andrews