It was a sea of humanity at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham on the days of July 25-27. There were between 17,000 to 18,000 mostly teenagers gathered there from 42 states. The “Arena was  Rockin” as 34,000 to 36,000 hands were lifted in passionate worship of God and joyous songs about Him. My “goosebumps were having babies!” This was “Motion19” (as the event was titled) requiring a year of planning inviting first-class speakers and musicians and a budget of thousands of dollars on the table. Hillsong joined us from Australia.

Bottom line centered on the wonder of God and kids, “Finding each other!” You cannot put a price tag on that! As I “scanned the throng,” tears came and they came and they came! I could not help but feel the positive effects moving forward. I saw alcohol taking a hit, drugs, too! Suicide was “moving over!” Twelve of these hands belonged to grandkids and Pawpaw was soaking it up ... more tears!

Every person reading this has someone they love, and these “someones” will all worship “something!” All of these “things” will be “life-giving” or “life-taking!” God is described in the Bible as a “life giver!” Easter season reminds us of this every spring. Watching these young ones reinvigorated me that “Hope Lives” in the youth culture, and these passionate visionaries will be unstoppable for good and right. How can more than 30,000 uplifted hands be ignored?

Phil Murphy