Recently, Congressman Mike Rogers described a Teletown Hall meeting he had with some of his constituents. Most of the constituency considered Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president a “nothing burger.” The Trump Administration released an edited transcript of the conversation.

If it was a perfect conversation, and he has nothing to hide, let the American people hear it for themselves.

What is he afraid of? A smoking gun like Richard Nixon? If this tape and others like it were made public, there would probably be enough smoke and smell of cordite to choke a herd of elephants.

This is blatantly and unambiguously illegal, according to 52 U.S. Code section 30121. It doesn’t matter if there is a quid pro quo, something offered in exchange for the action. Just the act of asking for help in the election campaign from a foreign country is illegal.

This is not a “nothing burger.”

This is a federal crime, a high crime, a crime against our democratic process. And, Trump’s supporters could care less. They see only two things of value in the U.S. Constitution — a reason to own guns, and using the Constitution like toilet paper.

G.M. Wigley