LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump’s New York style doesn’t mean he’s not a Christian


This is my reply to Anthony Cook’s editorial, "How to pray for President Trump." I do not always agree with the president’s choice of words, however, after having served with several people in the military from New York City, I understand their brazen attitude and bluntness, the tough guy image they try to project.

It’s who they are, it’s a part of their N.Y.C. culture. I suppose it is a self-defense mechanism that helps them survive in a major city of more than 22 million people where it’s a "dog eat dog" environment. Does it rub our genteel Southern sensibilities and Christian beliefs the wrong way and grate on our ears? At times, yes.

It does not mean, however, that they are not Christians. It means they have a tough exterior while having a good interior, or at least this is what I believe about some of them. Only God can see their hearts or ours and judge whether their intentions are good or bad and if they truly are a Christian just based on their delivery of words. 

The end results to me is, as president, are his ideas working and what America needs. I say yes. I did not vote for Trump to be my preacher, Sunday School teacher or spiritual adviser. I voted for him to run our country and lead this nation through every situation by giving us every advantage as Americans. This he has done.

Mike Huckabee compares Trump to a doctor with a bad bedside manner who bluntly tells a patient they need to lose 100 pounds. At first, the patient gets mad and angry and seeks another doctor to tell them what they want to hear. Only to find out in the end the blunt-spoken doctor was right.

I had rather a president, doctor or preacher tell me the cold hard truth — I can work with that — instead of tickling my ears and beating around the bush and adding further confusion to a bad situation. So, pray for Trump the same way I prayed for Obama and Clinton, even though I agreed with few of their policies.

Bow your head and ask God to lead them in the right direction for the sake of our country and let God deal with them. 

Billy Price