LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump defenders don’t understand socialism, communism


Sunday’s Jan. 5, 2020, ANNISTON STAR has letters from my two favorite contributors, Billy Price and David Duncan. These gentlemen seem to have a distorted understanding of our economic system. The United States is a capitalistic form of government. Communism and socialism are both defined as systems where the government owns and controls the means of production and distribution. It’s doubtful that General Motors is owned and/or controlled by the government. Are these men familiar with the stock market where you can buy or sell shares in GM? Of course there are a few Democrats who advocate for socialist issues. On the other hand, I have met David Duke, KKK leader in Louisiana, who ran for governor on the Republican ticket. Does that mean all Republicans are racist? No. They continue to describe the Democratic party as supporting “Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin” tactics. The “Commie socialist” media is also called out.

Mr. Duncan and Mr. Price don’t seem to have valid arguments on the impeachment process and always fall back on spurious attacks.

The House of Representatives has impeached the president for two, “High crimes and misdemeanors,” as Article II in the Constitution says they have the power to do. These men claim the House has used “smoke and mirrors” and a “real perversion of the Constitution.” How does this square with the testimony of Trump-appointed State Department officials before a House intelligence committee? The fact is, President Trump illegally withheld the $400 million appropriated for Ukraine until it was discovered, and then he released the money. The claim of abuse of power is supported by the fact that Republican congressmen and the president have repeatedly called for more witnesses, but as the trial is going to the Senate they refuse to allow anyone from the administration  to testify.

The president continues to attack the FBI and says the investigation into Russian interference in our 2016 election is a “witch hunt.” In 2016, then-candidate Trump was never mentioned before the election by the FBI. But, Hillary Clinton’s possible leaks and private server were reported in the mainstream media by the FBI’s director, James Comey, twice before the election. Those revelations gave the election to President Trump and then he fired the man who attacked Clinton. I agree that this may not have absolutely happened, but with every Republican in DC running around with their hair on fire at the time, it’s certainly plausible.

James Wakefield