LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trial of a president or trial for the future of American democracy?


We must be clear about the issue before us. It is more than the impeachment of one man. There is a real possibility that the issue is whether we remain a democracy or in effect acknowledge that we have become an oligarchy. The imbalance of wealth has allowed the wealthy to write laws in their favor.

There is currently to be a trial of specific actions of the president. If that trial is not thorough and fair, if it is simply an action of party politics and power, the consequence may be that we have passed a threshold from which we will not be able to return. The destruction of the balance of powers by lessening the power of the legislative branch of our government will have been an act of political suicide by a Congress beholden to the interests of wealth and those who control that wealth.

The arena for the trial is not only the U.S. Senate, it is also a trial in the public mind. Here, too, wealth bends the bar of justice away from truth with spin, propaganda and untruth. The public’s ability to know the truth has also been subtly influenced by the power of wealth.

The influence of those who speak truth to power is being muted by those who currently wield the power of wealth.

The trial for impeachment must be carried out on its own merits. The fear is that the wealth used to elect our current legislators may already have influenced its outcome with only a sham of due process. We must remember, however, that the consequences of this trial of one man has consequences to the future of American democracy.

J.K. Corson