LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tommy Tuberville is a non-career politician who deserves a chance


In reference to Mr. Billy Price, "We need experience, not a coach, in Senate." As an avid reader of this newspaper, I, Gary Hayes, have agreed with most of your editorials that you have had published in this paper. Now I have to disagree with you on Tommy Tuberville. This isn't about a coach. It's about term limits, and Bradley Byrne and Jeff Sessions do not care about term limits, nor do they want them. 

Every representative and/or senator has started from somewhere, most are lawyers, and that's a whole different story. Tommy Tuberville would make a great senator for Alabama, and what ex-coach/ politician doesn't have homes in other states. Nick Saban has a huge mansion in Georgia on the lake. Just saying. Check it out; it's the truth. 

Tommy Tuberville wants term limits. Jeff Sessions, doesn't. He was quoted some time ago, with Senate leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell that we did not need term limits. Well, Tommy believes we do, and I remember an editorial, I believe, where even you stated we did. So rethink and give a good, non-career politician a chance and let's put some new blood in the Senate from the great state of Alabama.

Vote Tommy Tuberville and send career politicians packing! Thank you, Mr. Price. 

Gary Hayes