The Dems are at it again — using hearsay, even if that, to push an unvetted claim against a president they hate, simply due to his getting things done without the business as usual norm, i.e., the draining of the swamp. 

Even before there was any data put forth as with the recent Kavanaugh incident where the so-called victim declined the whole idea that this ever happened, the Dems pull the same evil stunts as they did with the Russian hoax that their “very professional” Mueller clearly debunked. Were the simple allegation be enough to cause the wasting of taxpayers money on worthless claim of wrongdoing, then I claim all Dems are murderers, rapists, traitors. Given this sarcasm, what rational person cannot see this for what it is?

As the very rabid socialist Democrat Van Jones even said when asked about the collusion issue: “This is a nothing burger.” Come on, Dems, restore the least bit of honor to your party. Stop claiming that this is not due to politics. Where are any high crimes and misdemeanors that must be there to justify impeachment?

David Duncan