LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The 2016 presidential election


In the last presidential race, the people spoke up and shocked Washington, D.C., Hollywood and the mainstream media which can’t stop complaining or reporting fake news stories in attempts to discredit President Trump. 

The news media should report verified stories, not create or use unverified ones. We now also see these new extremely radical liberals in Congress. We have those who think we should have no borders and label our country as garbage in our Congress. Hearing the Democratic presidential debates it’s clear that if President Trump is not re-elected the American dream will be gone and radical Socialists will control every aspect of  Americans’ lives. 

Ever since that election, you have heard countless reports of a collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. We now learn there was collusion but not by President Trump but by the Clinton Foundation, the DNC and the heads of the FBI. Yet the media and Democratic hopefuls still try to convince the public that it was done by President Trump. 

There is one thing the president has done that’s unusual. He has actually tried to fulfill his campaign pledges. In order to save the American dream, not only does President Trump need to be re-elected, the Republicans must keep the Senate and retake the House in 2020. Our southern border and the safety of Americans is a large issue that got President Trump elected. With no borders, any terrorist could come and go as they please, and all of the agencies that are there to protect us have warned that terrorist groups have infiltrated those trying to come in our southern border from Mexico and other South American countries. 

We are in a critical time and voting is not just a privilege, it’s a responsibility. Don’t allow the left wing media to decide who our next president will be.

Vincent Gamble

Sparta, TN