LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Finlandization of America (opinion)


In 170 BCE, the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt and the Seleucid Kingdom of Syria went to war. As the Seleucid King, Antiochus IV and his army approached Alexandria, The Ptolemys asked for assistance from Rome. An envoy, General Gaius Popillius Laena, a former Consul of Rome, was sent to parley with Antiochus. Egypt was now a protectorate of Rome. As one story of their meeting goes, Popillius told Antiochus that he must leave from all lands protected by Rome. Antiochus then asked, what lands were Rome's. Popillius took a spear and drew a circle around Antiochus then told him, all the land outside the circle is Rome's. Antiochus and his army returned to Syria. At one time the United States was as powerful as Rome. Now she slinks away, leaving the Russians in Syria and her allies, the Kurds, to be massacred by the Turks, a NATO "ally."

Historians debate the exact date when the Western Roman Empire fell, a popular year was 476, but it was a decrepit shell with no power or influence long before then. The Eastern Roman Empire lasted another thousand years disappearing on the night of May 29, 1453. But, in 1371 Emperor John V Palaeologus was forced to recognize the suzerainty of the Turks, going belly up, prostrating himself, offering homage to the Ottoman Sultan.

Now, not even 150 years since its creation, less than 75 years from becoming a superpower, no more than 30 years as the sole superpower of the world, the most powerful nation — militarily and economically — is becoming a second tier nation because of Donald Trump. America's demise began the day Trump became president. Vladimir Putin must be the happiest man in the world.

America now is a second-stringer, dominated by Russia. America is no longer the most influential power in the Middle East. The Carribean is no longer an American lake. North Korea, China, Iran, Turkey play Trump like a drum, with a cold shoulder or beautiful letters of praise.

The next time Trump and Putin meet, Trump will present Putin with earth from Arlington and water from the Mississippi. America's allies no longer trust or respect her. America going it alone will go nowhere, and Russia did it without firing a shot.

Behold, Moscow the third Rome!

G.M. Wigley