LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support your local veterans on Veterans Day, every day


Veterans Day is quickly approaching. It is a day to honor those who have served this nation. I myself am a veteran. I served in the US Air Force from 1982-1988 as a security police officer.

Recently, I started volunteering as a veteran mentor with the Calhoun County Veterans Treatment Court. This is a worthwhile program that helps veterans who have become involved with the criminal justice system.

For just over two years now I have also been involved with a wonderful nonprofit organization in Clay County called Samson’s Strength Sustainable Veterans Project. They are in the process of building small-footprint transitional homes for veterans struggling with homelessness. This, too, is a worthwhile project and they are always looking for volunteers and donations.

While Veterans Day has been designated to honor those who have served this nation, we all should be supporting them each and every day. Please take the time to thank a veteran each time you meet one. They are the reason we can enjoy those freedoms we have today and every day. 

Tracy Stephens