LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shepard Smith leaves ‘pit of vipers’ at FOX News


Now that Shepard Smith has departed FOX, there is nothing preventing the network from becoming the official 24-7 state-sponsored propaganda outlet. Russia has TASS. China has XINHUA. Iran has IRNA. North Korea has the Korean Central News Agency, and now, America has FOX. Smith's ratings were the lowest at the network. It wasn't because Smith was doing a poor job; it was because he was the only anchor to speak truth to power. 

For FOX viewers, the truth only confuses what they want to believe and muddies the alternative reality of the world according to their Emperor. For Smith, working at FOX must have been frustrating and exhausting, having to endure years in a pit of vipers. Carlson, Cavuto, Hannity, Pirro, Ingraham, et al, can now rejoice in their collective one-sided reporting. 

News should be balanced and objective, never subjective. Without Smith's balance, FOX mirrors our nation's larger problem — one side lording over the rest based on a sense of entitlement, supremacy, tribalism and hyper partisanship. Without balance, nothing works as it should. America is on a fast trajectory toward a fascist dictatorship, one-party rule and away from the two-party system of checks and balances our forefathers crafted 243 years ago that has served us well until now. 

The FOX network is complicit in the treachery of tyranny. Ben Franklin, upon leaving the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in 1787 was asked what kind of government they had produced. His answer? "A Republic, if you can keep it." Of course, that was well before the nation had Trump, Fox Network and the self-destructive powers that feed the beast.

Keith Smith