LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 7 reasons Trump should be voted out


President Trump should be voted out of office. His crassness belittles our highest office and weakens our standing in the world. Here are primary reasons:

  1. The rule of law has been undermined. He refuses to honor lawful subpoenas. He fails to respect the constitutional role of Congress and the separation of powers.

  2. His ignorance about global warming. Instead of pulling out of the Paris Accord, the U.S. should be the world’s leader addressing climate change.

  3. Daily attacks on President Obama and his presidency, and his endless assault on “the Dems.” This has deepened divisions in our country. (Shouldn’t the president unify instead?)

  4. He accuses people with no basis in fact — deliberate lies. The Central Park Five. President Obama’s birth certificate. Ted Cruz’s father.

  5. His practice of assigning juvenile nicknames. (Lyin’ Ted. Sleepy Joe. Crooked Hillary. Crazy Bernie. Shifty Schiff.)

  6. His incessant tweeting (to influence public perceptions).

  7. His litigious nature. Multiple bankruptcies and over 3,500 civil lawsuits speaks volumes about the person he is.

Good people rationalize that even though his behaviors are offensive, he accomplishes things we need. This is a Faustian bargain. His political base has ceded moral leadership and decency, and our country may lose something much more valuable than any gains.

Ken Coleman

Pell City