LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re: The possibility of cutting Anniston in half


I am a fourth-generation Annistonian, born and raised here. My great-grandfather on my mother’s side was president of the First National Bank of Anniston. My grandfather, James Thomas Gardner, was also president of that same bank.

My grandfather on my father’s side, William Henry Orrison, built many of the houses on the north side of the first block of Glenwood Terrace in the teens and ‘20s of the last century.

Even though I lived and worked in Southern California for some 50 years, when I considered moving back east, I never considered anywhere else but Anniston. And I returned and bought a residence here last year.

Imagine my shock and dismay when I learned of this nonsense talk of carving Anniston in half — and possibly eliminating it altogether.

Yes, all communities are faced with challenges in these times, and this community is no exception. But solutions lie in civic pride; mutual teamwork; sacrifice and planning for the future as well as elbow grease.

Not cutting the map in two and tossing half of it in the trash can.

My ancestors, buried in Highland Cemetery, who gave so much to their town are spinning in their graves.

I commend the Committee To Save Our City in its sincere efforts to continue working for Anniston’s survival.

Katherine Orrison