The judge is ordering a new sentencing for Nicholas Noelani DanielSmith ... take away the death penalty and give him life?

Why re-sentence? Because the family testified they felt Smith deserved death since death is what he inflicted on their family member? Kevin Thompson’s family stated their feelings of grief and wanting justice. Wouldn’t we all do the same?

The lawyers are saying Smith was abused as a child so that makes it OK to murder? Just because Smith had his childhood taken from him, he has the right to take Thompson’s adulthood away?

There are many scarred people who had the innocence of their childhood robbed from them. That should not be an excuse to harm others. Rise above your circumstances and choose to act differently than those who abused you. Our society needs to stop allowing excuses and have the strength to obey the laws of this nation and the Ten Commandments.

S.C. Jones