I, Rose Mary Tolliver-Munford, am a native resident of Anniston. A place that has a history of multiple legacies, which played an important part in the catalytic building of the Democracy of America that we benefit from today. I have read many of The Anniston Star publishings regarding the handful of desired residents, who have requested to be de-annexed from the City of Anniston. A fracture has been rendered to the spirit of Anniston that carries with it an unintended stain to the unity of communities, if we allow it. 

I have always voiced my pride and love for Anniston. It has a unique quality of beauty that can only be found in a heart that carries compassion and love. God is the true owner of all things, he only asks us to love him and our neighbors as ourselves. I have placed my trust in God our Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Blessed Trinity. 

My opinion on all of this rests in the words of John Lennon’s song, “Let it Be.” When all is said and done, those of us who are left behind in the City of Anniston, will unite together, pushing forward in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “We Shall Overcome.” 

Rose M. Tolliver-Munford