For all the people who are pretending to be shocked at how political deals are made, breathe into a bag and try to get your heart rates down. In political circles, quid pro quo is the coin of the realm. 

Former Senate Majority Leader Linden Johnson actually used to keep a list of the pet projects each senator wanted to do. When it came time to pass legislation he wanted, he would get out his list and contact those senators he needed to get on board. Look it up. You can call it quid pro quo, horse trading, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, or anything else that means you help me and I’ll help you. 

As long as it doesn’t involve cash or merchandise, which goes by the name of bribery and also happens, it’s all fair game. On the other hand, getting jobs for your kids and keeping them out of trouble, like old Quid Pro Joe Biden, goes under the name of nepotism. Only foolish pollyannas don’t realize that’s how politics works.

Ron Haugen