I am perplexed in trying to understand this moronic effort to de-annex Ward 4 from the city of Anniston. As I understand it, a local Insurance/Real Estate Attorney Charles Turner, who resides in Ward 4, along with a "handful" of other residents of Ward 4 have successfully created a "nonprofit organization" deceptively named "Forward 4 All" to protect their PROFITS! 

Excuse me? How many more college degrees does one need and how much higher does one's IQ need to soar to find the reasoning behind that? 

So, the wealthy Mr. Turner and his "handful" of wealthy neighbors are so concerned about the hypothetical possibility of losing maybe as much as 5 percent of their property value should they decide to sell that they are willing to decimate the entire city of Anniston to satisfy their greed?

This "handful" of wealthy Annistonians would rather be part of and augment the problem rather than be part of the solution? SHAME ON YOU! 

Let's talk about the leaders here in Anniston who are collecting paychecks from the taxpayers' pockets — Mayor Jack Draper, Councilmen Jay Jenkins, David Reddick, Ben Little and Millie Harris; Chief of Police Shane Denham, and Fire Chief Chris Collins. Although the mayor of Oxford, Alton Craft, has taken the time to express his disdain concerning this travesty in a letter to the Anniston Star, the ambivalent silence from the representatives of the people who will be hurt the most is deafening. 

What is the police chief going to say to his staff and residents when the funds are severely cut? What is the fire chief going to say to his staff and residents when they need help? How about our mayor and councilors? 

Every last one of you needs to step up, stand up and grab a pen. Write a letter expressing your concerns to the residents of Anniston as well as our state legislators about this sham. We elected you and are paying you to represent us. Now is the time to DO YOUR JOB! 

Pamela Duey