LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pray for the president’s spiritual aligning with Scripture


Anthony Cook’s guidelines on praying for President Donald Trump align with Scripture.

For example, 3 John 2 reveals that John the beloved disciple, prayed for Gaius to prosper in all things, including good health, proportional to how his soul prospered. That’s a striking presidential prayer.

Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians also provides a model; he prayed that God illuminate them with wisdom. Of course, the prayer’s expansive, and can be modified for Trump and unbelievers.

I’ve heard people pray a partisan political prayer for Trump. The prayer’s essence — a good deal of the president’s problems flow from a systematic Satanic inspired media onslaught. Really?

Trump by default spews caustic, cutting and corrosive words. Christ decrees that the mouth reveals that which fills the heart. It’s obvious he’s afflicted with a heart toxicity. Therefore, pray for his salvation, his heart cleansing, and his spirit aligning with Scripture.

Pray that God will install an evangelical advisory board that fears and exalts God only. For example, Tuscaloosa Pastor Gil McKee rebuked Gov. Robert Bentley for his moral failings, and demonstrated God has people who haven’t bowed to Baal.

Marc D. Greenwood

Camp Hill