LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Please provide facts to support Democrats on impeachment


Having just read Amos Kirkpatrick’s post of how the Dems election of 2018 to controlling the House saved the US, I wonder how the corruption of the US justice system by the Dems in the FISA Court did it? 

I further wonder if he ever read the Constitution showing where the charges used in this fake impeachment appear? I further wonder those thinking like he does get off believing their very real perversion of the Constitution (such as claiming what Trump did not do but Biden actually did while bragging about it) was all needed for this impeachment — where is the logic here?

This impeachment reminds sane people of the old lawyer saying anyone can indict a ham sandwich. For what, being a ham sandwich? The Dems again are saying as long as a Dem does it there is no breaking of law, no matter how badly it screws up the US. No matter how much it does actually break the law, they will claim that the Repubs did just what the Dems did, no matter never doing it. 

Amos, where are the facts supporting your position? Note as well when Clinton was impeached, he really did commit a felony with his perjury, which is a real crime, not the made-up one that Pelosi posted as reason for Trump’s impeachment. Perhaps Amos can show us how asking the Ukraine to reopen the case against the Bidens on corruption done prior to Trump’s election -- after he got the prosecutor there fired for endangering the $1 billion of aid due his corruption probe into the Bidens’ acts (the very real quid pro quo the Dems now so decry) was wrong at all? Just asking, Amos, please provide the facts when, under Trump, even all the progressive (read commie socialist) media have admitted he has the economy growing as well as record high employment and wage increases in all sectors, particularly the minority ones. And please do not cite feelings or heresay!

David Duncan