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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People of Anniston should mount aggressive defense against deannexation


To every resident of Anniston: If you live in Anniston, the deannexation effort now underway, though aimed at Ward 4, is a threat to you and to your city and must be opposed. Three points to consider:

  1. If successful, all remaining wards will become impoverished. Funding for all city services will unquestionably dry up.

  2. De-annexation is statutorily the prerogative of the city and not of individual residents. This is an effort to do an end-run around the statutorily approved procedure. It will deprive all residents of a right to notice and right to challenge. It does not afford due process.

  3. The motive of the proponents of this effort is to obtain a better price for their real estate when they sell. They would do injury to the city and to thousands of their fellow residents in order to gain a speculative, hypothetical and uncertain benefit for themselves. Sen. Del Marsh should not allow the Legislature to be used to accommodate the personal interests of individuals. The council representatives for all wards should aggressively oppose the effort.

You are urged to contact Sen. Del Marsh at 334-242-7877 and your City Council representative to insist on an aggressive defense against this unwise attack on the city.

C.E. Isom