LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Millions in funding missed because JSU is not a research university


Millions of dollars have been lost in grant money in Calhoun County, all because we don’t have a research university.

In 2000 to 2005, I, Wanda Chandler Champion, got to be a volunteer along with 15 others on the PCBs health study that was brought about by David Baker with C.A.P. (Community Against Pollution) and Sen. Richard Shelby getting a $3.5 million grant to do the health study.

Jacksonville State University School of Nursing and UAB out of Birmingham worked together to collect the data from families’ health history and blood samples.

And Anniston and the surrounding Calhoun County areas have been missing out on millions of dollars in grant money. Why? Because no one in any political offices cared to get involved and try to get Jacksonville State University to become a research university.

Thus, UAB has been getting millions of dollars in grant money. How many millions from the PCB health study, we don’t know. But if we had any research medical hubs here in the Calhoun County area, could anyone see the historical Fort McClellan property being developed?

Bringing the Jacksonville State research university, the McClellan medical research hub, and a new medical research hospital to Jacksonville would be something to work toward for the future growth and development of our area.

It saddens me to know that almost 15 years have passed and nothing positive to show in regards to the PCB health study.

What will it take to get the elected officials in Alabama, and especially the Calhoun County areas, to quit missing out on our opportunities to grow economically big time here?

Enough said for now.

Wanda Chandler Champion