Philip Royall and dog.jpeg

Philip Royall and his dog, Jake.

In regard to your story about Lylia’s, I met the photographer after the reporter had left her shop. I’ve been going to Lylia’s since 2002. First, my Sheltie then Jake. When I moved to Odenville in 2014, I still brought my golden doodle, Jake, to have his bathing and cutting at Lylia’s. Nobody within my area did it as well or as fairly priced as Lylia’s.

I would ask Jake in the morning if he wanted to go to Lylia’s, and he would jump up and down and was so excited to go see Peaches. He sure did love his “times” with them. Well, the closing is quite sad. We sure wish Peaches well in her retirement. She has done quite a lot for Anniston in regards to homing cats, dogs and even getting them vet care.

Philip Royall