LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local businesses need our support #waitforlocal


Gov. Ivey’s order for non-essential businesses to close until April 17 was necessary. However, our neighbors who own small businesses are being required to do without revenues from their businesses for three weeks, and their employees are having to do without earnings.

I haven’t heard any of these small business persons complaining about the governor’s order.

Meanwhile, there are big-box stores that sell some of these same items and will be allowed to remain open and keep selling these items that the local guys can’t sell.

When you do business with a locally-owned merchant, the profits stay in your community. The owners will spend it shopping at other local stores and tithing at local churches. Shopping with locally-owned stores gives your purchase a force-multiplier, enabling your town to provide improved police and fire protection, streets and parks.

Profits that go to huge, out-of-state corporations don’t have this same value for the local economy.

The types of local stores that must remain closed are: 

Furniture and home furnishings stores

Clothing, shoe and clothing-accessories stores

Jewelry, luggage and leather goods stores

Department stores

Sporting goods stores

Book, craft and music stores

I, for one, will be waiting until the small local guys reopen before buying any of this stuff that can wait, and I believe they all can wait. I urge everyone to do the same. #waitforlocal

Scott C. Lloyd