Just a couple of things — having read Kevin Smith’s of Wetumpka post — how is it that when publicly speaking, the Dems seem to never have the truth on their side? 

He acts as if all the press but Fox is what journalism is supposed to be. Completely ignoring how the rest of the media for the most part are run by the Dem establishment. How can conservative-owned media not even 10 percent can be considered state-run propaganda? The media posts lies as to what the news is to be, hence the labeling of it as fake news. Just where has the mainstream media ever had a conservative (not RINO) on staff to give the opposing view as Fox has had for years, such as Sheppard-Alan Combs (opposite Sean Hannity) or Donna Brazille? 

People like Kevin have a warped sense of justice as well as little grasp on reality! Is there any reason why they perp for criminals so much and the right to call themselves what they think they are, bullying the rest of us into adopting their viewpoints? And more to the point — where have influential conservatives ever advocated for restricting the 1st Amendment as the Antifa crowd does on college campuses, or perp for the destroying of the Constitution while ignoring what it says as Pelosi has done?

David Duncan