LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Iran must be crushed militarily


While Iran and the U.S. are both “standing down” from their missile strikes for the moment, how long will this last? Until their next threat or terrorist act? Until they have completely annexed Iraq? Until their next attack on us or our allies?

Sanctions alone have not caused Iran to back away from its ultimate goal of acquiring nuclear weapons. Neither will more sanctions; they might slow down the time frame in which they get them, but will not stop them.

The world is kicking this “nuclear can down the road,” which is eventually going to come back and threaten world peace. All the nations threatened at that time can do is to be held hostage or certainly face nuclear war trying to stop them. Sanctions are just buying the world time and giving Iran time to reach its goal.

The U.S. cannot make Iran comply with world demands for peace without militarily crushing them as was done with Iraq, which will be easier to do before they acquire nuclear weapons. Iran’s militias are already making Iraq their proxy.

The countries that make up the United Nations, European Union and N.A.T.O. need to help with this as their countries will be Iran’s closest targets when nuclear capabilities are reached.

As the car mechanic in the old Fram Oil Filter commercial used to say, “You can pay me now or you can pay me later.” So enjoy this peace while it lasts, Iran will only get worse as time passes.

Billy Price