On July 11, ALDOT held a public meeting in Alexandria concerning an Access Management Study on Highway 431 going thru Alexandria. The meeting was well-attended by residents and business owners concerned about the dangerous situation that is Highway 431.

The study was to eliminate crossovers and restrict access to the road, while keeping the speed limit at 65. As anyone who lives, works or travels along 431 can tell you, while access is a problem, speed kills.

The consultants at the meeting said ALDOT has no money allocated, price could be in the millions, and the plan could take over a decade to complete. We need help now. The vast majority of those attending would like to see the speed limit reduced to 55 and a traffic signal installed at Gladden Lane. This, along with enforcement of the traffic laws, would have an immediate effect and make the highway safer and cost far less than the millions projected.

Hopefully ALDOT, local officials and our law-enforcement agencies will make the changes and adjustments to make 431 a safer highway now, not in a decade. Lives are on the line. 

Chris Page