From USA Today, July 26, 2019: "... three Ole Miss students posed smiling and toting guns in front of this bullet-riddled Emmett Till memorial sign in Tallahatchie County. Their fraternity has suspended them, and federal authorities are examining the incident."

I wonder if the three will be invited to the White House?

Emmett Till would have been 78 years old on July 25, 2019. Just yesterday a woman in her 70s, a white woman, told me how uncomfortable and upset she was after she had been over at Glen Addie looking for an apartment when a young man, who happened to be black, told her how attractive she was.

How far have we progressed? How far has Mississippi progressed? These jugheads have the right to express themselves. They are also fully capable of showing how stupid and insensitive they are. The University of Mississippi and some of its students, alumni and other supporters are still "Ole Miss."

Why? It’s Greek to me.

Coca-Cola is sold throughout the world and parts of Mississippi.

G.M. Wigley