William Barr booking at a Trump hotel for a $30,000 party is just the latest in political and taxpayer dollars spent at a Trump property.

Candidate Trump promised to clean up the swamp, and like almost all of his promises, it remains unfulfilled or only made worse. His administration is the most corrupt and treasonous administration in American history. Trump continues the unlawful act of profiting from his office. Imagine the reaction if state Sen. Del Marsh required businesses or government groups wishing to meet with him to book meetings or rooms at the Hotel Finial? If a government official, elected or appointed, had conferences or parties booked at a hotel or restaurant owned by the official, they would be charged in less time than an Auburn football player could return a missed field goal for a 106 yard touchdown!

Trump and his mendicants have no scruples, no morals, no ethics, no character. Imagine the reaction of Trump supporters if their children or grandchildren acted like Donald Trump, his personal lawyer, William Barr, or any number of his appointees? How proud would they be?

G.M. Wigley