Waking up, I had won the lottery, and I had not even bought a ticket. What do you make of that! I am still amazed that as a resident of Anniston I could be shipped off to Oxford-land without even a nod from me. Sneaky, I would say so. Underhanded, Yep!

Forward Fantasy just sliced all of the best parts of the pizza and wanted it moved like a pawn in a chess game.

What right do you have to impoverish Annie’s Town with your F F Lottery (Forward Fantasy). You take all of the toppings off of the pizza and leave the crust. You Forward Fantasy guys should move to one of the Midway Islands and start your own dominion with the birds and creepy crawlers BUT leave me alone. Don’t do me any favors I didn’t ask for. I’m not even in Ward Four, but I was part of the pie.

Let’s face up to the problems that Anniston has and help, not hinder. We need an old-timey rootin’, tootin’ gun-slinging mayor who’s not intimidated about being politically correct and a council that respects each other and are for the welfare of north, south, east and west Anniston and not one voice billowing about injustice all the time.

Look around you, we are the most generous, giving community, with non-headliners helping the homeless, handicapped, drug addicted and impaired persons. We are a good city, with good people, and I’m staying to see how the lottery plays out. Want to buy a ticket?

Evelyn Palomba